An Overlook

This section provides a list (not exhaustive) of topics to be covered when I can be bothered.  Suggestions/discussion welcome.

Physical health

  • Men have shorter life expectancy than women – on average 6 years
  • Men are over represented in all most illnesses and causes of death

Emotional health

  • The suicide rate for men aged 20-24 is five times that of females after being equal through adolescence and remains a leading cause of death throughout the lifespan.
  • Men are more often involved in drinking/drug taking and delinquency.

Social issues

  • A growing number of children are now growing up in fatherless homes. Statistically these children are more at risk of emotional health problems, delinquency, poverty, physical harm and future marital failure.
  • 90% of violent crime will be carried out by men, who will also comprise 70% of its victims.
  • Young men are delaying responsibility and adulthood to stay in “guyland.”

Perception of men

  • In television and other social media I can think of numerous examples of men being portrayed as brutish, lazy, stupid and fat womanizers. (Conversely I can think of very few examples of wise, loving and hard-working fathers on television.)
  • In society men are often viewed as potential rapists and pedophiles, though the overwhelming majority have no interest in such behaviour. While the perpetrators are often male, we should be holding those few accountable rather than stigmatizing men on the whole.


  • While feminism has brought many benefits, it has also undoubtedly harmed men or at least made men feel demonized. I don’t feel it necessary to lambaste all facets of feminism but it may be necessary as part of this discourse to address parts that are misguided/anti-male.

Educational issues

  • 90% of kids with behaviour problems in school are boys, as are 80% of kids with learning difficulties
  • Boys are falling behind in maths and literacy compared to their female peers

Mens’ rights

  • Men are often overlooked for custody of their children in divorce cases and are often demonized in family courts because of their gender.
  • Men also have almost no reproductive rights in comparison to women, I’ve already talked about this elsewhere and don’t intend to spend a great deal of time on this. As it is though, men only have the children they are allowed to. If a woman gets pregnant and doesn’t want to have the child but the man does, the man loses. At the same time, if she wants to have the child and the man doesn’t, the man loses. I don’t have any practical solutions but as it stands it’s not particularly fair.

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